Pai Gow Poker Strategy and Rules to Know

Pai gow poker is a variation of pai gow. A Chinese game played with 32 dominoes. The American version started at Bell card club in 1985 before spreading worldwide. Today, there are many different types of pai gow poker and are widely available online. 188JILI will guide you on how to play, the rules and the best strategy to play Pai Gow Poker. Please follow along below in the following article.

Pai Gow Poker Rules

Pai Gow Poker Rules
Pai Gow Poker Rules

The pai gow poker game is quite simple. Typically, there is one dealer or banker and up to six players at a table. Since you’ll be playing online, you can concentrate as the only player in a more relaxing atmosphere.

Pai gow poker rules revolve around forming two poker hands: High and Low. While you will use two cards for the Low or “front” hand.

According to the rules, a 5-card High hand must be a better poker hand than a 2-card Low hand..

To win pai gow poker, you need to beat the dealer’s High and Low cards.

  • If you win just one hand, the round will result in a tie (tie) and your bet will be returned.
  • If both hands are lower than the dealer’s, you lose that round and your bet goes to the casino.
  • If you beat both of the dealer’s hands, you win the hand.

Best Pai Gow Poker Strategy

Best Pai Gow Poker Strategy
Best Pai Gow Poker Strategy

We recommend you to play the free demo versions to develop your pai gow poker strategy. Try practicing at Caesars, DraftKings or Golden Nugget online casinos. Other sites are also available with different variations.

Try the demo before betting money

Play pai gow online with free demo. Is a great Pai Gow Poker strategy. Helps you understand many different ways to play without financial pressure. After a few sessions, you may notice that nearly the majority of hands end in a thrusting motion.

Compared to blackjack or baccarat, pai gow poker is a slower table game. That’s why this rarely happens in land-based or online casinos. However, with a little strategy, it’s a valuable option for your bank account.

Bet or deal high cards or a pair

You will want to have the strongest two-card hand possible when dealing your seven cards. Most of the time, you will deal high cards or a pair. A pair of Aces is the lowest hand in pai gow poker.

If you get a pair in your seven cards, keep it for your High hand and use the remaining two highest cards for your Low hand.

How to divide into two pairs

If you get two pairs in your seven-card hand, there are some basic rules for dealing them. You will want to split the two pairs as follows:

Two high pairs (JJ-AA)
One high pair (JJ-AA) and one medium pair (77-TT)
Keep the highest pair for your High hand and use the remaining pair for your Low hand.

Trips, Quads, Straights and Flushes

Trips, Quads, Straights and Flushes
Trips, Quads, Straights and Flushes

If you get Three of a Kind, play it in your high hand. Unless there are three aces. In that case, you want to keep a pair of Aces for your high hand and use Ace High for your Low hand.

Splitting Four of a Kind overlaps with the same rules as getting two pairs. Stick to the following:

Divide the quadrilaterals reaching Jack or more into two pairs
Split the four cards 7 – 10 into two pairs unless you have an Ace
Hold quad 6s or lower for your High
Full House or Five Aces (Including Joker)

If you get Full House, you’ll want to keep the trips for your High hand and use this pair for your Low hand. With two pairs and a trip set, use the higher pair for your Low hand.

If you get four Aces plus a Joker for five Aces. Divide them between your High and Low hands.


Playing Pai Gow Poker is not difficult, but you need to know how to play properly. Use the best Pai Gow Poker strategy, only then can you succeed to win. Please join register 188JILI  to receive more information and strategies of card games.

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